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Sugilite - Black Rope

Sugilite - Black Rope

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The Sugilite Stone - Introducing our extraordinary Sugilite necklace with adjustable black rope, a true masterpiece crafted to inspire and captivate. This exquisite necklace showcases a magnificent Sugilite pendant, carefully handpicked for its rare and vibrant beauty. With its mesmerizing shades of purples and pinks, Sugilite radiates a mystical energy that resonates with the heart and crown chakras, promoting spiritual growth and inner wisdom. Embrace the healing properties of Sugilite as it is believed to bring emotional balance, protection, and deep spiritual awakening. Allow this divine crystal to elevate your style and empower your spirit. Experience the enchantment of Sugilite and adorn yourself with a true symbol of beauty, spirituality, and transformation.


Sugilite, a remarkable crystal, is celebrated for its diverse healing properties, both physical and spiritual. It is associated with spiritual awakening, stimulating intuition and deep insights. Emotionally, sugilite promotes balance and tranquility, alleviating stress and negativity. It is believed to provide protection against negative energies and foster energetic balance. In alternative healing practices, sugilite is thought to support the immune system, aid in cellular regeneration, and promote detoxification. Additionally, it empowers individuals to express themselves authentically and overcome fears.


All individual crystal necklaces are custom made and no other similar pieces. Hand-crafted and sourced from Mexico and South Africa. All crystals necklaces have adjustable ropes.


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Crystal size is 5.5cm x 3cm 

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