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Pele Pants

Pele Pants

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Pele in Hawaiian mythology, was a Volcano Goddess who controlled the eruptions and flows of volcanoes. She was known for her fiery temper and was quick to punish those who dared to cross her, but also for her ability to create new life, wherever her volcanoes erupted.

Despite leaving destruction in her wake, she was also seen as a Goddess of renewal. Pele was always on the move, seeking out new areas to reshape the land.

Despite her fearsome reputation, Pele was also known for her great beauty and passion. She had many lovers but one day met a mortal man who challenged her to a battle. After a fierce fight, the warrior was able to pin her down and demand that she stop her destructive ways.

Impressed by his bravery, Pele agreed to his demands and promised to use her powers for good, to create new life and renew the land. From that day forward, Pele became known as a Goddess of creation and renewal, and the Hawaiian people lived in harmony with her, knowing that her powers could be both destructive and life-giving.


Introducing our comfortable and stylish Pants, perfect for your celebrations and special occasions. Made from high-quality materials, these Pants are designed to provide maximum comfort and flexibility, so you can move freely and with ease. Each pattern and motif is carefully chosen to inspire and uplift, so you can connect with your inner self and channel positive energy. They come in a variety of colors to suit your personal style and needs. Whether you prefer a vibrant shade or a subtle hue, we've got you covered.


Pair these Pants with our matching PELE Bodysuit, for a complete vibrant look.


These pants are made from high quality stretchable fabric with stretchy elastic waist available in sizes XS/S and M/L.

XS/S - Waist 26 Inch, Length 46 Inch

M/L - Waist 29 Inch, Length 46 Inch



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Made with high-quality fabric, these pants are high waist and stretchy to fit.

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Dry Clean Only

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